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We would love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions you may have, as well as feedback. We appreciate your input and want to know if you enjoyed your services, our products, and whether your overall experience at Teatrees was a relaxing one.


Feel free to call 706-946-2015 or email us and we will get back with you as fast as we can.



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  • Brooke Dominy  says:

    i would like to book the vino therapy 30 minute each for friday afternoon for myself and two friends, would you be able to accomodate us at the same time?

    • Hope  says:

      Hi Brooke,
      We should be able to fit all of you in. Give us a call at 706-946-2015 to book.

  • carol  says:

    are you located in downtown blue ridge?

    • Hope  says:

      Yes, we are located on the street right above Main Street (which is East 1st Street) in downtown Blue Ridge.


    I feel I need a lympahatic massage for my legs due to fluid build up
    However, I need someone with Saturday hours since that is the only time I have

    • Hope  says:

      Paula, I can certainly get you in on Saturday and I am certified in Lymphatic Drainage technique. Please call us to schedule at your earliest convenience and keep in mind we do book up quickly on the weekends. Thank you, Hope Killingsworth

  • Jane Austin  says:

    Do you accept SpaFinder gift cards?

    • Hope  says:

      Jane, We accept Spafinder, SpaWish and Spa Week also.

  • Emalene  says:

    We have a couple coming in for their honeymoon the weekend of the 25th that have requested the cost for “in-Cabin” couples massage. They will be staying 12 miles from downtown in the Sparks Rd. area Any exceptions to the 10 mile radius?
    Thanks so much
    Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals

    • Hope  says:

      The cost for the In- Cabin Couples is $230. Since we live near the Sparks Rd area we could go to them at the end of the day around 430. Please call us to schedule as soon as possible because we do book up quickly on the weekend and that time may not be there for long. As a courtesy I will hold it till the end of today though. We will need a credit card to hold the reservation, first and last name, email address and contact phone number. Please also let them know we do have a 24 hr cancellation policy. Thank you, Hope

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